Making Media Work

Using media to help ministries and organizations reach people.

For almost 40 years, Collin Lambert has dedicated his life to excellence in media and serving the church, ministries and related organizations.

There is no more powerful tool than media and Collin's skills and background are honed to help you make the most of your ministry presence, on-air skills and abilities, fundraising efforts, program impact and more.

Now is the time to utilize the media to affect true life change in those you are trying to reach.



  • Radio Program Development and Evaluation

  • On-Air Evaluation and Coaching

  • Share-a-Thon Hosting

  • Voice Over

  • Promotions and Marketing Ideation

  • Script Writing

  • Station/Ministry Leadership Development

  • Not-for-profit Media Assistance



"For more than three decades, I've watched Collin give leadership to new and innovative strategies that have propelled Christian radio.  His combination of real life experience in both commercial radio and non-commercial Christian radio coupled with his innate ability to think in fresh ways has been an asset to all who have worked along side him."- Bob Lepine, Former Senior Vice President - Family Life, Author and Pastor


Engaging culture through creative live and recorded content and helping others do the same.


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