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"For more than three decades, I've watched Collin give leadership to new and innovative strategies that have propelled Christian radio.  His combination of real life experience in both commercial radio and non-commercial Christian radio coupled with his innate ability to think in fresh ways has been an asset to all who have worked along side him."  Bob Lepine, Sr. Vice President - Family Life

"Collin is a visionary leader who has passionately partnered with my ministry for years. He has led teams from Moody Radio to train African Christian broadcasters in Ghana and Kenya. His leadership and teaching style has equipped over 1,000 media professionals in Africa, for which I will forever be grateful." 

Theodore M. Asare, President & CEO Theovision International

"I have known Collin..."  

Dr. John Trent, Award Winning Author of "The Blessing" and Founder and President of Strong Families

"I have known Collin for a number of years and have always found him to be excellent and thorough in his work, gracious in his interactions, clear and direct in his communication and engaging with ministry outreach. Full of integrity and truth, he’s one of the best men I know.

I cannot recommend him highly enough."    Bob Butts, Executive Vice President - Truth for Life


"I had the pleasure to work with Collin on several occasions over the years, organizing major media events in Eastern Europe for the Balkans. It was on these occasions that I experienced and benefited from Collin's skills.  He was a great organizer, teacher, radio producer, counselor and more.  A task oriented  person, attentive to other people's needs. But what really  impressed me is that these skills, excellently practiced, were serving his personality so well that, at the end of the day, what stayed with you from working with him were his character traits: modesty, determination and faithfulness. 

He is the kind of companion you would trust on a long term voyage."  

Lucian Despa, General Manager - Voice of the Gospel Radio Network, Romania

"In my 40 years of radio I have come across only a handful of individuals as gifted and talented as Collin. His personal leadership skills and his ability to develop other leaders is top shelf. He’s masterful on-air hosting talk shows as well as leading fundraising efforts. He has a sharp programming mind and is gifted in coaching talent as well as mapping out or tweaking a format for maximum results."

Dan Craig, Manager of Programming - MOODY RADIO

"If you want wise counsel on help in building a better on-air presence, Collin is the right person for you. He comes not from behind-the scenes management - although that is also his background - but one who has served behind a microphone and knows how to make broadcasting shine. He’s a keeper."  

Charles Morris, President and Host - Haven Ministries


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